Prof. Chris Parkes

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Chris Parkes earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cambridge in 1994. He completed his Ph.D. studies at the University of Oxford in 1998. From 1998 to 2000, Chris served as a Research Fellow at CERN. Presently, he leads CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Beauty experiment and holds the position of Professor at the University of Manchester.

Parkes’ research focuses on uncovering new physics effects through the examination of matter-antimatter asymmetries and the advancement of radiation-resistant silicon detectors. He has extensively contributed to physics investigations involving the charm quark and played a significant role in the development of the LHCb Vertex Locator (VELO) detector, serving as the project leader during the inaugural LHC physics period (2010–2012). Prior to his involvement with LHCb, he conducted research on W-boson physics with the DELPHI experiment at the former CERN collider, LEP.

Chris Parkes has served on the editorial boards of both DELPHI and LHCb. He was also a member of the UK Particle Physics Funding Council panel for new projects (STFC PPRP) and its grants panel (STFC PPGP). In 2010, Chris received the Institute Of Physics High Energy Physics group prize. Additionally, he held the position of Scientific Associate with the Institute of Particle Physics Phenomenology at Durham from 2012 to 2013.