Frequently Asked Questions


 Who can participate in the ‘Open Readings conference?

‘Open Readings’ is an open platform aimed at students and young researchers who have attained or are currently studying for a BSc, MSc, or Ph.D. degree and who wish to present their current research to like-minded scientists.

 Can I participate in the ‘Open Readings 2024’ conference’ as a listener?

Yes, ‘Open Readings’ welcomes anyone who wishes to participate as a listener. Listeners must make sure to fill out the online listener registration form, which can be accessed before the conference. Once the listener arrives at the venue, they are welcome to directly enter the auditorium where the conference is held, no in-person sign up required. Please make sure to arrive on time for the scheduled oral presentations so as to not disturb the speakers.

 Is participating in ‘Open Readings 2024’ free of charge?

Yes, both registration and attendance are free of charge.

 Can I participate in the ‘Open Readings 2024’ conference online?

No, attendance and presentation at the conference is on-site only. The conference will be held in the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (NFTMC), Saulėtekio al. 3, LT-10257 Vilnius. Further information can be found in the Venue section.

 Does ‘Open Readings’ provide accommodation for its participants?

Participants are not granted accommodation, however certain accommodation suggestions can be accessed along with further details regarding transportation and getting around at the Arrival and getting around page.

 Where can I find the presentation topics of the ‘Open Readings 2024’ conference?

You can find the twelve available topics by scrolling to the end of the main ‘Open Readings’ page.

 Where and when can I register to participate in the ‘Open Readings 2024’ conference?

All registrations should be submitted online through the Open Readings website, under the Registration section. An abstract that meets our requirements, along with basic information about the participant, affiliation and research will be needed to complete the registration. The registration will be open from November 6th, 2023 until January 26th, 2024.

 What happens if I have registered, but cannot attend the conference?

Let us know about your absence as soon as possible. If you are not present during your presentation time, please find an alternate speaker or your abstract will not be published in the abstract book.

 What are the requirements for an abstract to be published in the ‘Open Readings 2024’ abstract book?

The participant has to have completed the conference registration form, which will be evaluated by the conference programme committee. Each participant will be informed about the decision on participation/acceptance. During the conference, research must be presented at the venue as a poster/oral presentation during each participant’s scheduled session. In case the participant is not present during their assigned time slot, their abstract will not be published in the abstract book.

 Can I fix any errors I find in my abstract after already submitting it ?

After submitting your registration form you will receive two evaluation emails. The first one will confirm whether or not your abstract meets the provided template. In the case of it not meeting the template, you are granted two weeks to make corrections and resubmit. After a successful template confirmation, your abstract is ready to be evaluated by the Programme Committee. The second email you receive will inform you about the decision on abstract acceptance. No further changes will be allowed to be made after the Programme Committee evaluation, regardless whether the abstract is accepted or rejected.

 What are the formal requirements for conducting the poster presentation?

The participant has to print out and bring their own posters in the size A0 (841 x 1189 mm) or A1 (594 x 841 mm). Please note that the poster has to be in a vertical (portrait) position.

 Can one person deliver multiple presentations?

Yes, if accepted by the Programme Committee, a participant may present more than one presentation under their name, however, different research should be presented in each presentation. One may also present a poster presentation in place of another person, however only the one presenting will acquire a Certificate of Participation in their name.

 Will there be photographs taken during the ‘Open Readings 2024’ conference?

Yes, there will be photographs and footage taken during the conference. It will be used by the organizers for marketing and publicity reasons. You will be able to find all photographs after the conference in the official Facebook page of ‘Open Readings’.


 Where on-site do I have to sign up as a participant?

Having arrived at the venue participants have to sign up and pick up their participant badges at the registration desk. The registration desk is open all day long from 8AM each day throughout the conference.

 Where and when will I be able to access the ‘Open Readings 2024’ conference programme?

A detailed conference agenda will be published on the Open Readings website at least a month before the conference.

 At what time should the participant be present at the venue?

The participant should arrive at least 20 minutes in advance in order to properly register and set up their presentation so as to prevent technical difficulties as much as possible.

 At what times and for how long should the presenter keep next to their poster presentation?

The presenter can set up their poster as early as 9am on the day of the session but no later than 2 hours before the start of the poster session and must stay next to the poster throughout the entire session. If presenter is no where to be found near his poster, he will not receive the certificate of participation.

 Will there be any refreshments provided at the venue?

Yes, everyone is welcome to enjoy provided snacks, coffee and tea present at the venue most certainly free of charge.


 When and how will I receive my Certificate of Participation?

Each participant will receive a digital version of their Certificate of Participation via the e-mail address provided in the registration form in a week’s time.